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The word “construct” can be both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it is a theory, concept, or model that came to be as result of systemic thought. It is subjective and not based on empirical evidence. As a noun Construct is a paradigm, which is a collective or individual model or frame of reference that forms the basis of thinking. Metaphorically, we can view a paradigm as the program that governs our thinking and the window through which we see the world. As with individuals, Org also has a paradigm. Any paradigm, be it individual or organizational has both defining factors and manifestations. Collective beliefs and values (not always overt) define an organizational paradigm. We bring our beliefs and values to consciousness when they become our perceptions and when we make our assumptions about them known. We show our paradigm through behaviour and attitude. In so, when thought turns to activity, a complete metamorphosis takes place. You cannot see or touch a paradigm. It is not tangible, but it does exist, therefore it is a construct. Evolution and learning are essential processes in the formation of construct. In orgamatics, the sequence of activity that an entity maps to achieve a result is the construct that such entity holds as true and real. In other words, in orgamatics, a construct is a process. This could be the process of an organisation who makes money, or the process of an employee who wants to learn, etc. As a verb, “to construct” means that we are creating something. In orgamatics, “to construct” means that we are instituting a process that will cycle. In other words, we are forming something permanent.


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Construct, Constructs or constructs may refer to: Construct (information technology), a collection of logic components forming an interactive agent or environment Language construct Construct (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of creature in the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons Construct (album), a 2013 album by Dark Tranquillity Construct (comics), a fictional artificial intelligence in the DC Universe Construct (philosophy of science), a hypothetical object whose phenomenal existence depends upon a subject's mind Construct (python library), a software library used for data-structuring Construct (software), an open-source game creatorConstruct state, an Afro-Asiatic noun-formDNA construct, a segment of nucleic acid, created artificially, for transplantation into a target cell or tissue Social construct, something that people believe to exist purely because their society has decided that it exists Construct (psychology)an alternative name for a concrete category a term used in the philosophy of artificial intelligence biological creations appearing in the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels.


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