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  • The provider companies below have violated the principles; policies; and rules of the International Orgtology Institute, and in so, they have been blacklisted.

  • The IOI regulates the blacklisting of orgtology provider companies through our "Provision of Orgtology Products and Services" policy.
  • All blacklistings have a start and end date. We determine these dates through the severity of the event that led to the blacklisting.

  • We caution all end-users of orgtology products and services to NOT make use of the services of the provider companies below, since the IOI does not endorse them.

  • Where any of the companies below provides services or products in orgtology, such provision will be unothorised. We ask that such cases is immediately reported to the IOI.


 Name of provider: Directors: Reason for blacklisting: Date of listing:  Conditions for lifting the blacklisting:
 Action Online (web designers - South Africa) Johan Rossouw During June 2018, The International Orgtology Institute contracted Johan Rossouw to do work on the orgtology web site. He demanded upfront payment, and since we have worked with him before and because it was a small amount, we did not see it as a risk. Johan never did the work that he was paid for and also never returned the Institutes calls or e-mails. The Institute made various attempts to get into contact with him, but it was avail. To date he has not given any reason for failure on his part. The amount paid is too small to warrant legal action, therefore the Institute chose to simply blacklist him. We do not advise any person or company to do business with Johan Rossouw of Action Online web developers.  2018-11-22 The IOI will lift the blacklisting if Johan Rossouw repays the amount owed with 10% interest per year.



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