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Derek Hendrikz is the originator of Orgtology and founding member of the International Orgtology Institute (IOI). As an expert Orgtologist, he offers a variety of training and consulting services in the field of organisational design, strategy, and executive leadership.
Derek is a renowned trainer, speaker, and consultant with decades of experience in executive development and consulting. He has worked in 27 countries with more than 200 organisations in this field.

Derek specialises in the training of executive teams, board members, EXCO teams, and senior managers. Over the past 25-years Derek has trained more than 100 000 people in various work sessions.

In consulting Derek has undertaken a myriad of projects but holds highest acclaim for his work in the development, implementation, and measurement of organisational strategy, design of organisational structure, and process engineering.

Academically Derek holds tertiary and post graduate qualifications in the fields of Business Administration, Labour Relations & Law; Training & Development; Facilitation Skills; and Group Process Consultation. He is registered as an Expert Orgtologist with the International Orgtology Institute.

He plays a leading role in the human development industry. In that he was the founding member and first elected president of the Southern Africa Professional Trainers Association (SAPTA).
Derek regularly publishes articles in the field of orgtology and has appeared in various television and radio talk shows as a quest member.

He was the creator of various International events. Some of these were, “The Robben Island Diversity Experience”, “The National Diversity Indaba”, “The Annual ‘Batho Pele’ Indaba”, “SA’s Top Gurus”, and many others.
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14 Dec 1968 (54 years old)

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