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The International Orgtology Institute
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We regulate the practice of orgtology.
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24 Jul 2018 (5 years old)
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Our Statement of Intent:
Orgtology drives all Organisations.
Biography / Portfolio of Professional Institute:
The International Orgtology Institute (IOI) regulates the practice of Orgtology, which includes the certification of Orgtology Practitioners, the endorsement of companies who provide Orgtology Services, and the training of aspirant Orgtologists and Orgtology Specialists.
On 24 July 2018, Derek Hendrikz registered the IOI as a non-profit organisation under Section 21 of the South African Companies Act. In doing so, the IOI now serves as an independent body through which the world can benefit from the science of orgtology, without the burden of individual control. Therefore, the IOI has alliance to the theories on which its science is based, and not to a person or group of people.
Orgtology is the science of organisation (Org), and it has two fields of study. The first one is orgamatics, which is a study of workplace systematics. The second one is organamics, which is a study of workplace dynamics.
To practice as an Orgtologist or Orgtology Specialist, the IOI must certify you as such. And, to sell and market orgtology services, the IOI must endorse an entity as a provider company.
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Our Statement of Purpose:
We regulate the practice of Orgtology.
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Our History:
In 2018 Derek Hendrikz made his concept of Orgtology official through establishing the IOI. He also created the OBoK that will be the body of knowledge we use to practice Orgtology. The OBoK holds eight base theories; four for Orgamatics and four for Organamics. It also holds all the tools that a practitioner needs, to apply Orgtology theories. At the time when the IOI was registered, Orgtology already had about 20 tools, and more than 200 unique definitions. During June of 2018, Derek also takes in the first batch of students, to train them to practice in the field of Orgtology.
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